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Kitty Kinnin

Weekdays 10am - 2pm

Kitty likes to say she was raised by wolves but somehow ended up purring instead of howling.

Kitty was actually raised in Miami and found her way to North Carolina years ago and now calls the Triangle her home!

Kitty has been the Champagne voice of North Carolina for many years. In her pursuit of a full life, Kitty is a seeker of everything culinary and local. She also volunteers for many non-profits including Interact and Triangle Family Services.

Her son, Lucas (who has been on the air with his Mom since he could babble) and daughter-in-law, Dr. Leslie Kinnin (equine vet), live in Pittsboro with her beloved namesake, Kate (Katherine) Kinnin.

Kitty lives in Midtown Raleigh with her sweet rescue pooch, Ella.

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