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The Bon Jovi Hospitality Package, including top price level tickets and VIP pre-party with open bar
Tickets for Bon Jovi November 6th at PNC Arena



"...I was born in Romania, which was under Communist rule for more than 40 years, deep behind the Iron Curtain. During the 80s, I was a teenager, very interested in music, as all teenagers are. .... We used to listen to Radio Free Europe, and Voice of America, which were geared to the people behind the Iron Curtain. It was done at night, with windows and doors shut, so the neighbors could not hear and maybe turn you in. These illegal stations had not only news, but also what we were even more hungry for as teens: MUSIC. .... So that's how it happened in 1986 that I heard a song that was in the Top 5 at that time it was called Livin' on a Prayer and this group named Bon Jovi sang it. I loved it from the very first time I heard it. I remember going to school the next day and talking about it to my friends. We all loved it, so we decided to listen to the top again and to try and figure out and write down the lyrics. So I was in charge of writing down the first verse; my best friend Claudia was supposed to write down the chorus, my other friend was in charge of the second verse you get the picture. It took us FOREVER until we were able to put the whole song together, especially since sometimes the radio program ran out of time, so they shortened the song.  .....Fast forward to 1996, when I came to America to continue my studies. One of the things I wanted the most was to see Bon Jovi in concert. I thought it would be so easy, since I lived in NJ for 10 years, so you would think that I would have plenty of opportunities. I also learned what a diner was, living in Jersey :)).  Well, every time they were in concert in our area (which was more than in the rest of the country), there was either no money for the tickets, or the kids were too small (I got married and had two kids in the meantime), or we were on vacation somewhere else it never happened. It seemed that I was cursed not to hear my song LOUD enough. It was loud at our parties, but never loud enough somehow... We moved to NC three years ago, and my husband, who knows my story, surprised me two years ago with tickets for the Bon Jovi concert. It was the best surprise I ever got. I FINALLY got to hear Livin' on a Prayer loud enough, and it was everything I thought it would be. And in those minutes, I also got to relive my teenage years, which may not seem too sunny and happy to some, but were truly lived like in the song, full of hope that maybe tomorrow will bring something better, or a way out of the nightmare we were all forced to live in. I am an adult now, a university professor, and a mom. I don't usually cry (or scream) at concerts any more, but this song brought tears to my eyes...."


" ... I named my first born jovi after the love of the band. I'm sending a picture of his Birth certificate as proof. I would send a video too if I could. Jovi loves music especially Bon jovi. ..."



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